I am fortunate to have encountered many professionals in my career and am equally fortunate to have received these letters of recommendation.

J. Keith Lomas Testimonial

Group President & CEO, UltraVision CLPL

Joseph T. Barr Testimonial

Vice President Global Clinical and Medical Affairs and Professional Services Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb, Inc

Ron Blum O.D. Testimonial

President, Vision Care Inventing

Philip B. Morgan.Testimonial

Professor of Optometry, The University of Manchester, UK

George Grobe, Ph. D. Testimonial

Vice President Global R&D, Vision Care Bausch + Lomb, Inc

Vic McCray, MD. Testimonial

President & CEO, Ocular Dynamics, LLC

Pete Valenti Testimonial

President, Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions, Hologic, Inc. 

Vandy Cruise Testimonial

President, Atrion Medical Products, Inc.

Dr. Francesca E. Crawford Testimonial

Chief Executive Officer, Altacor Ltd