My company, Altacor, a U.K.-based ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical firm with marketed products and a development pipeline, engaged with Mr. Barton’s previous company, Bausch + Lomb, to assess a new contact lens care formulation we had developed. We worked with Mr. Barton throughout the process.

For a non-U.S. company significantly smaller than Mr. Barton’s firm, it was especially valuable that he and his colleagues engaged with us as equals. We agreed to a rigorous but fair test regimen. Close communication through regular meetings assured that we were fully informed of progress or problems. Communication at the technical and business levels was full and open, maximizing learning for both companies. 

Regrettably, our companies did not end up doing business together. And while we’ve worked with several companies around the world on a range of projects, the working ethos with Mr. Barton’s team was more open and collegiate, allowing both parties to benefit. I believe that Mr. Barton was largely responsible for creating this positive atmosphere. 

Therefore, I can strongly recommend Mr. Barton as someone who understands technology and scientists. I have seen that he understands the dynamics at work between small and large companies, and is skilled at building productive relationships for mutual benefit. 

—Dr. Francesca E. Crawford 
Chief Executive Officer 
Altacor Ltd