The Expertise and Experience I Offer

Since founding James H. Barton Consulting in 2013 I have helped dozens of technology firms to understand their strategic options and set actionable plans to bring their innovations to market. I bring a wealth of experience to this work.

My 22 years as a technology and marketing executive at Bausch + Lomb, a leading eye health company, taught me profound lessons in how to market technology and acquire it from other companies, anywhere in the world.

As Vice President of Business Development, I created Bausch + Lomb’s system for acquiring contact lens technologies and led the effort for seven years. The system linked all essential tasks: technology scouting, technical and IP assessment, strategic and financial review, due diligence, deal strategy and negotiation, as well as post-deal alliance management. Our team produced several high-value deals that greatly enriched the company’s technology pipeline.

I’m also an accomplished strategic marketer, with six years in charge of global contact lens marketing at Bausch + Lomb, responsible for new product development priorities, global product launches and brand management. Seven major new contact lenses—including products under the PureVision and SofLens brands—reached the market during my tenure, greatly boosting sales and market position.

Nine years working as a line executive leading marketing and sales organizations in Asia made me a hardened veteran of commercial warfare. I became expert at the strategies and tactics required to market technology-based products to health practitioners and consumers alike.

My decades doing business around the world, including nine years working in Japan and China—communicating in Japanese and Chinese—turned me into a diplomat adept at overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers standing in the way of good business.

I hold B.A. and M.A. degrees from Yale University and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.