Introduction To James H. Barton
Consulting Services

My services are designed to help technology companies find the right partners and ensure that their partnerships thrive, long after each deal is done.

I do this by thoroughly understanding the specifics of each client’s situation and requirements, then providing the tailor-made tools they need—clear, practical strategies, programs and systems—in order to succeed.

My services specifically focus on the following types of challenges:

Technology Marketing

For smaller technology firms aspiring to sell their innovations to corporations. I offer help to not only cultivate the right prospects from the start, but also to proactively market to corporations’ needs at each stage of what can be prolonged internal processes of technology testing and business review.
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External Technology Acquisition and Business Development

For corporations seeking to fill their technology pipelines by reaching outside themselves for innovation. My expertise assists with building an external technology system effective in all aspects of acquisition—scouting, assessment, deal-making and integration—while taking advantage of existing resources.
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Technology Alliance Management

For firms of any size embarking on an R&D collaboration. I help with planning and organization, not only to keep technical progress on track, but also to structure relationships that can withstand inevitable non-technical challenges that destroy trust: shifting market realities, parties’ diverging objectives, discrepant organizational resources and personality conflicts, to name a few examples.
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Strategic Assessment of Technology and New Markets

For firms seeking to understand their technologies’ strategic and commercial potential. I provide actionable strategic recommendations based on structured research into the facts of business potential: market dynamics; competitive realities; regulatory/legal factors; and end-user needs, while weighing internal factors such as product strengths and weaknesses and organizational capabilities.
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To learn about my expertise in more detail,
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