Strategic Assessment of Technology and New Markets


Technology firms understand that penetration of new markets is essential to success. Validating their market-entry options through in-depth, objective assessment is the foundation for building sound commercialization strategy. But what if the firm lacks the skills or bandwidth (small companies) or the time or sectoral expertise (large companies) to perform strategic assessments? These kinds of questions may end up being left to guesswork:


Since its founding in 2013, James H. Barton Consulting has conducted over 30 strategic market assessments for clients ranging from corporate giants to university-based ventures. Each assessment is tailor-made to address each client’s specific objectives, never the product of cookie-cutter research methodology. Hallmarks of my approach are interviews with industry veterans from targeted technology segments and geographies to uncover crucial technological, commercial, and competitive realities; end-user interviews to truly understand product performance requirements; and drawing on my own two decades as a successful technology strategist to provide clear, actionable strategy recommendations.

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