External Technology Acquisition and Business Development Expertise


In today’s fiercely competitive economy, the need for innovation in product development has never been greater. Many companies find that the innovation they need can’t be found from within their own R&D organizations. To meet the challenge, CEOs and R&D heads need to create a highly effective external technology function able to manage all aspects of technology acquisition—ranging from scouting, to technical and IP assessment, business and financial valuation, deal strategy and negotiation, and technology integration. As part of the process, they need answers for some key questions:


My work with CEOs and R&D leaders on the external technology and business development functions is based on many years of experience managing the external technology operation at a division of Bausch + Lomb, a major health technology firm. I’ve also spent many years studying what works—and what doesn’t—at other companies.

I pay particular attention to your specific requirements, because the external technology function needs to reflect your particular strategic objectives, size and scope of your operations, and your business culture. In this way I can support you in designing a system that optimally aligns with your existing organizational structure and core processes.

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