Technology Marketing Expertise for Smaller Firms


Small and start-up company leaders often aspire to sell or license their innovations to larger corporations. This goal demands that leaders become serious marketers while they simultaneously meet the challenges of perfecting their inventions and building their operations. To succeed, leaders need a marketing plan that is both strategically sound and tactically practical—all within the firm’s capacity to execute.  The plan must answer such critical questions as:


My consulting work with small-company clients is based on my experience working with hundreds of small companies and completing business deals with several. Extensive corporate experience in technology and strategic management gives me an insider’s knowledge of processes corporations use to identify, test, acquire and integrate the technologies they need, and how to market to them. As a marketer with dozens of product launches and commercial campaigns behind me, I can work with you to tailor an optimal marketing plan for your company’s technology and operational situation. My global experience and perspective also ensure that we won’t ignore any international opportunities.

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