Ocular Dynamics is a Silicon Valley based startup company creating technologies to improve comfort for the 100 million contact lens wearers worldwide. We faced the challenge of developing a strategy to position our technology in a market that is dominated by a few very large companies with massive sales forces and market presence. In order to be successful, we knew it was imperative to completely understand the dynamics of the contact lens industry, as well as how big companies make decisions in this space. We were fortunate to be introduced to Jim Barton, and we immediately recognized his expertise in the contact lens business. In addition to his obvious knowledge and experience, what struck me as most unexpected was Jim’s ability to think outside of the box and carefully consider every idea that we presented to him, no matter how unconventional (harebrained). I find this to be a rare trait in an executive with big company experience, and we have continued to work with Jim as our technology has progressed through milestones. I would, without reservation, recommend Jim as a business development resource for emerging companies.

—Vic McCray, MD
President & CEO
Ocular Dynamics, LLC