I’ve known Jim for over 20 years and we worked closely when he reported to me as V.P. of Business Development.

Jim created and led our division’s program for acquiring technology from external sources. This system has proven highly effective at augmenting our technology portfolio with high-value innovation. Today, we systematically identify and bring in breakthrough opportunities. Jim’s management was efficient, accelerating time to market, and it was productive, requiring only modest budget.

Jim demonstrated leadership in the strong relationships he built throughout our technical community, leveraging them to make the system function. Our whole team is now active in identifying which external technology candidates are best, determining the right way to integrate the technology, and directly managing external R&D alliances as projects. A big bonus of Jim’s process has been cultural: our technology community has become much more externally oriented, empowered by their new role and open to outside collaborations.  

Jim leveraged his experience as a commercial and strategy executive to good purpose, making sure there was close coordination with commercial leadership on strategic and business matters at all stages of our technology deals. That several of our key programs have been established with Asian and other international partners is testament to his global perspective and cultural skills.

I can recommend Jim without hesitation as a consultant on matters of technology strategy and management.

—George Grobe, Ph.D.
Vice President Global R&D, Vision Care
Bausch + Lomb, Inc,