My Mission Since 2013:
Productive, Long-term Partnerships for Your Business

Many smaller technology firms are confident they can innovate. They definitely possess the expertise, drive, and creativity that are needed.

But fewer are sure they have what it takes to find and cultivate—in other words, market to—corporate partners willing to acquire their innovations. That’s especially true if potential partners are half a world away.

When it comes to larger corporations that want to source technology from outside their own walls, many find they lack the organizational capability to produce the results they want in a systematic, cost-effective way.

The consequences? Lost opportunities for technology deal-making, or disappointing outcomes when a partnership falls apart due to unforeseen challenges.

My mission since 2013 has been to provide tech firms with the tools and third-party expertise they need—clear, practical strategies, programs and systems—to find the right partners and make sure their partnerships thrive long after each deal is done.

James H. Barton, Owner